Simple Chinese Noodle Pots


I’ve been making these noodle pots for years for quick lunches, easy dinners and simple suppers.  My family all love super noodles and not being a lover of processed food, I had to come up with an alternative or give in.

I love that I can use wholewheat noodles and good chicken stock, add some homemade sweet chilli sauce (see separate post) and sneak in a few vegetables as well.

I’m not giving exact amounts because it’s not that sort of recipe. If you added more noodles and less veg it wouldn’t matter (the kids do no veg if they make it themselves!), if you don’t like coriander you can use another herb or leave it out altogether, and if you wanted to add something else to the pot you could.  All you need to know is that the noodles need 3 minutes to cook in the microwave.

What you need:

Wholewheat noodles
Stir fry vegetables
Chicken/vegetable stock
Frozen peas
Sweet chilli sauce
Chopped nuts

What you need:

Break up a nest of noodles and put in the bottom of a jar.

Put some stir fry vegetables on top

Add some chopped coriander

Pour in enough chicken stock to cover

Microwave for 2 minutes on high

Add a handful of frozen peas

Microwave for 1 minute on high

Add a spoonful of sweet chilli sauce and stir everything together

Top with chopped nuts and eat with a fork or chopsticks

Let me know what you think via the comments and if you make it tag a photo #sixmixtricks on instagram

Love Livs


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  1. Mine will love this I will be trying it out.

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