I came up with SIX MIX TRICKS as an easy way to cook for your family and entertain friends using just six mixes: pastry, cake, batter, custard, white sauce and scone. Mastering the mixes and being able to cook many different recipes from just 6 makes cooking much less stressful. Most of the recipes I post use one of these mixes.

I’m an avid cook who loves trying new things and seeing what other people are cooking. I also own a lot of cookbooks. So I’ll also be sharing with you anything else of interest that I’m making.

I’m a sucker for a shortcut so check out what’s saving me time in my kitchen in ‘Hack of the week’. I also love to cook with what’s in season and I take great delight in finding a new ingredient to play with in the kitchen.. you’ll find these in ‘Ingredient of the week’. 

I hope you find something to inspire you. Thanks for dropping by.


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