3 in 1 Pancakes


It’s pancake day.. and funnily enough National Scouse Day too. Living in Liverpool, Scouse is a big thing here…. But today we are just doing all things pancake…. Three ways in fact: Sweet Pancakes, Spinach pancakes and Pancakes you can toss.

I only ever used to make pancakes on Shrove Tuesday because you have to and we only ever had them with lemon and sugar. Fresh lemon though not Jif…can you still get those yellow plastic squeezy bottles shaped like a lemon these days?

Once I had kids I found myself making pancakes all the time.. for special breakfasts (crepes and nutella), for easy lunches (pancakes with ham and cheese), for quick dinners (spinach pancakes) and for simple puddings (pancakes with bananas and caramel sauce).

Spinach pancakes have been in my life for over 10 years…. my friend Emma told me about them.. and her sister in law Sally told her. They are a brilliant way to get your kids eating healthy greens without realising it. It doesn’t matter that the pancakes are green… kids love these and they actually ask for these as a special request dinner… so you can imagine that pretty soon every mum in the toddler group was churning out these little green babies for their toddlers to munch on…my kids still love these now

After a few disasterous pancake tossing sessions with the kids, where the poor pancake was in shreds before everyone had even had a turn…I came up with the recipe for pancakes you can toss. A really thick batter makes a super duper toss resistant pancake that you can play with for hours. These ones are obviously not for eating… they end up all over the place and tend to pick up dust!!

Pancakes are very easy and they are really quick to make.

What do you need to know:

  1. The first pancakes always go a bit wrong.. something to do with seasoning the pan, pan not quite hot enough yet.. butter not quite melted…who knows but everyone agrees.. the first pancake usually goes wrong – so if yours is not quite as crisp as you want.. move onto pancake two.. we all do… someone will still eat it!
  2. The pan needs to be nice and hot
  3. Only lightly grease the pan and pour off any excess butter or the pancake will go for a swim instead of crisping up
  4. Only use enough batter to coat the bottom of the pan in a thin layer.. not too thick

And that’s it..

This recipe is for 3 pancakes from one mix: Spinach pancakes, Sweet pancakes and Pancakes you can toss.

What you need

12oz plain flour

3 eggs

900ml milk

butter to cook


2oz extra flour

2 nuggets of frozen spinach

1 tbsp oil

grated cheese

What to do:

Put the flour in a bowl.

Add the eggs

Then whisk in the milk until it’s like double cream

Divide the mixture into 3 bowls.

Leave one as it is – this is the sweet pancake mix

Add 2oz more flour and a tbsp oil to one

And mix until very thick

This is the pancakes you can toss mixture

Then defrost 2 nuggets of spinach in a bowl of boiling water for a few minutes

Add to the bowl

And blitz with a handblender until green and smooth (no bits)

Now you can start cooking.

Melt a knob of butter in a non stick frying pan

Pour off any excess butter into a cup and add a ladleful of batter to coat the bottom of the pan

Leave it to cook for a few minutes until golden and flip over

Add some grated cheese

Roll up and serve

For the sweet pancakes, it’s the same process and you can just wipe out the pan to remove any cheese before cooking them.

Squeeze over lemon or lime and sprinkle on sugar

The Pancakes to toss are cooked in the same way but as the batter is thicker they look different in the pan.

Cook for a few minutes until golden as before and flip over

Put in a cold pan and let the kids go crazy tossing these as high as they can. The thickness means they don’t break as easily and can be used to play great games like pancake pan toss.

What you’ve never heard of it… well just get two people with two pans on either side of the kitchen. Chuck the pancake to each other catching it in your pan…. so much fun. The pancake will hit the ceiling, land on heads, get lost on the top of the fridge and will generally take a beating…

Let me know what you think via the comments and if you make it tag a photo #sixmixtricks on instagram

Love Livs



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Chinese New Year 2017 – The Year of the Rooster


Happy Chinese New Year for Saturday. As you will get to know I love any excuse to celebrate different occasions throughout the year and always plan menus and crafts to go with them.  We have a huge Chinese community here in Liverpool and so there are lots of Chinese supermarkets to browse for interesting things. There’s a big fireworks display each year complete with Chinese dragon parade and the Chinese arch in Chinatown is something to behold.

I did a lot of travelling in the early days before kids and one of the places we went to was China. There weren’t as many restrictions on hand luggage in those days (how old does that sound?) so we came back laden with stuff. Now, we have a box in the loft full of weird and wonderful things we can get down at Chinese New Year……..traditional instruments, wooden toys, puzzle boxes, calligraphy & stamp sets, scroll paintings etc.

Over the years we’ve done lots of different things to celebrate. One year I bought some cheap garden paper lanterns (from the pound shop) and we painted Chinese blossom onto them. They looked fab hanging up all over the kitchen.

Another year it was Chinese paper craft. Here’s a link – (http://www.activityvillage.co.uk/chinese_papercut_craft.htm)

We always make prawn crackers. A few years ago I bought a big bag of  clear discs from a Chinese supermarket which magically turn into prawn crackers when fried in hot oil.

The kids love watching them transform and have fun trying to eat them with chop sticks.

This year we’re making fortune cookies and having a banquet (see separate posts). I’m making my own sweet chilli sauce to use in simple Chinese noodle pots and then there’ll be crispy duck  pancakes, a choice of chicken satay or chicken with ginger and spring onion and egg fried rice with lychees and green tea for dessert. After the food we’ll play Chinese checkers, have a go at Tai Chi and do some fan dancing .

I’d love to know what you’re doing to celebrate.

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