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A quick cake with easy mars bar icing

I’m sharing with you my go-to quick cake recipe for when you need a cake and you need it fast. It’s perfect for when you suddenly remember the kids have friends coming for tea, it’s somebody’s birthday or when guests are coming at short notice. […]

Campervan Quiche

Campervan Quiche

  Have you ever tried to cook a quiche in a campervan? I love getting away from it all in my campervan whenever I can especially for a cheeky unplanned weekend somewhere. It’s the simple life… doesn’t take much to clean it, you don’t need […]

An Everyday Wholemeal Bread

I can’t tell you how much I love baking my own bread. I love the science behind it. I love the feel of the dough. I love the smell when it’s baking. But most of all I love the flavour of homemade bread. It’s a […]