Fish Meuniere with Jersey royals & asparagus


This classic French fish dish is a great way to get more fish into your weekly diet and even the most reluctant fish eaters will wolf this down (as proven by my daughter who doesn’t do fish!). It’s so fresh and fragrant and served with some seasonal jersey royal potatoes and majestic asparagus spears, it is perfect for that first spring/summer supper in the garden.

It’s very easy to make using simple ingredients you’ll likely have to hand. 4 easy steps is all it takes, and as a bonus, it can be made in advance. It will happily sit waiting to be reheated, if the family are out doing activities. I made this and left it in the pan, while I went off to boot camp and my son was at football training. When we got back I simply turned on the heat to warm it through and it was delicious.

What you need

2 tbsp flour

2 tbsp oil

150ml lemon juice (4 lemons)

150ml melted butter (4oz/half a pack)

6 cod fish fillets

salt & pepper

What to do

Put the flour on a plate and stir in plenty of salt and pepper then dip in the fish fillets in the seasoned flour until coated on both sides.

Heat the oil in a non stick pan, add the fish fillets and cook them for a few minutes on each side until a golden crust forms and it turns white right to the middle.

Melt the butter in a jug in the microwave (1 min), add the lemon juice, pour into the pan and let it simmer for a few minutes to thicken, spooning the sauce over the fish.

Stir in a handful of freshly chopped parsley.

Serve straight away or turn off the heat and leave in the pan until ready to reheat.

Serve the fish with halved Jersey royals boiled in their skins for 10 minutes until soft to a knifepoint and asparagus spears with the woody ends broken off and pan fried in a little oil until just golden. You won’t need to add any butter to the potatoes or asparagus, just spoon the yummy fish sauce over everything.

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Love Livs



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Steak bearnaise and chilli cheesy fries


If you are looking a quick and easy recipe for a special celebration with ultimate wow factor, steak bearnaise is the one you need.

Steak frites is a classic French bistro dish. Serve it with a delicious buttery tarragon-flavoured bearnaise sauce and some pan fried greens on the side and you’ve got the makings of a wonderful meal that you can whip up with very little effort. Both the steaks and the sauce take only minutes to cook, side by side on the hob, and the frites can be done in the oven without any hassle at all.

This probably my desert island dish – it’s so good.

What you need

3 egg yolks

150ml butter (150g)

1 tbsp white wine vinegar

1 tsp dried tarragon

2 steaks (rump or sirloin are good)

2 baking potatoes

2oz grated cheddar cheese

1 red chilli, sliced finely into rings

a handful of fresh oregano


What to do

Preheat the oven to 200 degrees.

Cut the potatoes into thin sticks (skin on) and lay in a single layer in a roasting tin. Drizzle with oil and toss to coat. Bake for 25 minutes, turning half way until golden and crispy. Sprinkle over the cheese and sliced chilli and bake for another 5 minutes until the cheese has melted. Finish with a sprinkle of fresh herbs

Heat some oil in a pan, season the steaks with salt and pepper and pan fry for 5 minutes on each side until golden. I cut into the end of the steak with a sharp knife to see how well done it is inside (because I can’t stand a bloody steak but you can do it to your liking).

Quarter fill a small saucepan with boiling water, place a heatproof bowl over the top and get the water simmering gently. Add the egg yolks, vinegar, tarragon and butter to the bowl and whisk for a few minutes until the butter has melted and the sauce has thickened. Turn off the heat. The sauce will happily keep warm over the pan of water until the steaks are ready.

Serve the steak with the frites and a drizzle of sauce on top. You can do pan fried greens or a simple green salad to go with it.

Let me know what you think via the comments and if you make it tag a photo #sixmixtricks on instagram.

Love Livs



If you like this recipe, please share it with your friends.