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Cookie Dough

Cookie Dough

When it comes to sweet treats I’m firmly in the Roald Dahl and Mary Poppins camp: treats are essential to life (Roald Dahl) and A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down (Mary Poppins). Everything in moderation of course but life wouldn’t be worth […]

An Everyday Wholemeal Bread

I can’t tell you how much I love baking my own bread. I love the science behind it. I love the feel of the dough. I love the smell when it’s baking. But most of all I love the flavour of homemade bread. It’s a […]

5 min Sweet Chilli Sauce

If you’ve ever wanted to have a go at making your own preserves, this is a great recipe to start you off. It only takes 5 minutes, uses simple store cupboard ingredients and you can keep it in the fridge for ages to use in […]